Drone hardware

Aerial Robotic Hardware -- From Prototype to Production

A snapshot of some of the design considerations and decision points we face as we look to transition our product to market.

thought leadership

How Autonomy is Transforming the Mining Industry

When I first began working in the mining industry 10 years ago, I believed that someday new technologies...


What is Robotic Autonomy?

Autonomy is a defining characteristic of all robotic systems. It’s what makes robots so useful, enabling them to do the kinds of jobs that are too dull, dirty, dangerous, or difficult for humans.


Mining Magazine Award Winners 2019

Exyn Technologies received the Mining Magazine "Exploration" award for 2019.


A Philadelphia Brewery Is Releasing a Beer Brewed with a Drone

Two neighboring companies have created a high-tech beer collaboration.


Initial Tests of Long-Range Ground-Based 3D Mapping [Videos]

We are testing the limits of our real-time mapping engine. The results are quite promising.


Building the Revolution in Autonomous Robotics, Part 1

In this two-part series, Nader Elm, Exyn's CEO, shares how Exyn is building the revolution in autonomous robotics and the impact the technology is already having on the world.

On leading a team from bleeding-edge science to transformative product

Nader Elm, CEO, explains bridging the cultural gap between scientists and those concerned with the business.


How an Autonomous Drone Revived a Mine from the 1940s

An underground gold mine in Stewart, British Columbia, closed since the 1940s, probably isn’t the first place you’d expect to find a demonstration of cutting edge drone mapping technology.


How a Drone Mined Data from a 70-Year-Old Gold Mine

Exyn Technologies enabled Ascot Resources to explore a mine that hadn't been accessed since the 1940s.


Exyn Raises $16M Series A To Fly Its Drones Under The Radar

Drone startup Exyn, quite literally, flies under the radar.


Exyn Technologies Partners with University of Pennsylvania for Darpa Subterranean Challenge

Team PLUTO is one of nine teams exclusively selected & funded by DARPA to develop novel robotic systems to explore underground tunnels.


Exyn Announces First Commercially Available Autonomous Aerial Robot for Underground Mine Mapping and Inspection

Exyn Technologies announced the commercial availability of its Autonomy Aerial Robots.


The drone from this Penn spinout can fly inside mines without maps or GPS

Exyn sent it's drone underground to scour the walls of a Latin American mine guided only by its onboard sensors.


This new drone can fly to and map places too dangerous for people

Around the world, mines are often dark, dangerous places where humans fear to tread.


6 ABC: Self-piloting drone launches in South Philadelphia

Inside a sparsely furnished and unremarkable warehouse in South Philadelphia something truly remarkable is taking flight.


Autonomous inventory mapping

Check out Exyn’s A3R™ doing autonomous warehouse management.


Exyn flies at Union League

Thank you IPGroup for the opportunity to do a live demonstration at the 2017 Hard Science Forum.


A Flight at the Museum

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It’s a flying robot!


Vijay Kumar: Robots that fly and cooperate

Watch our founder, Prof. Vijay Kumar‘s talk on robots that fly and cooperate.


Exyn unveils AI to help drones fly autonomously, even indoors or off the grid

Keeping the technology self-contained on the drone means Exyn-powered UAVS don’t rely on outside infrastructure, or human pilots to complete a mission.


Celebration of Innovation: PCI 2017 startup of the year

Exyn is honored to receive PCI 2017 startup of the year award.

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