Exyn Nexys

Exyn offers a variety of packages and contract options for the Nexys from one to three years to meet your applications and goals.

Purchasing options are as configurable as the Nexys itself, so we recommend a brief consultation with our team to design the best plan for your business.

Choice of LiDAR Sensor

Nexys Nexys Pro


Points Per Second
Maximum Range
100 m @ 80% surface reflection
300 m @ 80% surface reflection
Return Type
Dual with Intensity
Triple with Intensity
Range Accuracy
Up to ± 2cm
Up to ± 5mm
Point Cloud Colorization

Standard Mapping Package

The Exyn Nexys comes out of the box with a Standard Mapping Package ready to capture accurate, colorized point cloud maps that can be quickly exported and georeferenced on site.

Real Time Data Visualization
Real-time visualization of your captured data with full detail and colorization in the field to ensure the scan area is correct and complete before you leave the site.
Fast Data Capture
Nexys’ SLAM-based spatial mapping is capable of capturing up to 1.9 million scan points per second, while continuously updating the map as new data is received.
ExynView Software
Controls for capture and post processing in the same system, allowing for fast on premise processing for more streamlined workflows.
Survey Grade data accuracy
Nexys delivers consistent and repeatable survey grade accuracy of up to 5mm @ 1 sigma dependent on the environment.
Check mark
IP-67 Rating
The highest protection against water and solid ingresses, such as windblown dirt and other airborne solid materials, as well as water hoses, jet sprays, and momentary water immersion. Guaranteed to function in indoor, outdoor, wet, and demanding industrial and commercial settings.
Works in Comms-Denied Environments
All required intelligence is onboard for reliable flight in communications-denied environments. Data is collected onboard and streamed back to the user once back in range of communications.
Real Time Colorization
Derive additional insights from point clouds with accurate colorization visualization at no additional cost.
360º Colorization Coverage
Hemispherical cameras cover 100% of the field of view of the LIDAR making it easier to generate fully colorized clouds without any additional hardware or cost.

Additional Autonomy Packages

Multiple autonomy packages are available for customers in need of capturing rich point clouds of impossible to reach areas.

Additional Accessories

comes with standard mapping package Vehicle-Mount Easily and securely mount Nexys to almost any vehicle or surface, allowing you to capture a complete map in rugged environments.
Sold separately BackPack-Mount Our ruggedized, water resistant backpack holds and powers Nexys while scanning, and also serves as a storage and travel case.
Sold separately Drone Link The hardware interface between the drone and Nexys for manually piloted operation or autonomous flight (with autonomy license.)
Sold Separately GPS Module Dongle that can be mounted to Nexys to add GPS data to post processing algorithm to eliminate drift in long scans.
sold separately Protective Cage The Nexys cage provides 360 degree protection in challenging environments with no adverse effect on scan quality or accuracy.

Light & Powerful Ruggedized Tablet

The Nexys comes paired with a ruggedized Dell Latitude tablet for easy mission planning for autonomous aerial exploration missions, or for monitoring the real-time status of a mobile mapping 3D capture - making mobile surveying simple, efficient, and accurate.