Explore the most dangerous places with multi-platform autonomy

Now with Autonomy Level 4 for faster, more precise 3D mapping.
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ExynAI is driving a revolution in autonomous robotics. Are you ready to invest in cutting-edge pilotless technology that delivers high-fidelity 3D data in the most challenging environments?

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Autonomous Aerial
Data Collection

Meet the fully autonomous drone that navigates complex industrial environments without a pilot. The mission behind our design: cutting edge, beyond line-of-sight data collection that prioritizes employee safety.

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Precise, Portable
Data Collection

Need flexibility? ExynPak powers portable, real-time 3D mapping with survey-grade accuracy. Handheld or mounted, the ExynPak is designed for unlimited applications.

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Autonomy Level 4
Smarter AI for
Safer Flights
ExynAI, now with Autonomy Level 4, powers robots to fly without a pilot, using sophisticated aerial intelligence to identify and navigate in complex environments. See Autonomy Level 4
3D Map Gallery
3D Maps
Take a closer look at Exyn's 3D maps collected with our aerial and ground-based systems in the 3D Map Gallery. Explore Interactive Maps

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