Autonomous, Precise
3D Construction Mapping

Our modular mapping payload captures survey-grade 3D maps of construction sites in progress. Mounted to an autonomous robot or capturing high fidelity maps by hand, survey teams can track real-time, precise progress and avoid costly rework.

3D Mapping Solutions for Construction Environments

When it comes to construction projects, the road between concept and reality is littered with scope creep and launch delays. Exyn’s powerful aerial autonomy can help to close that gap.

Improve project management, reduce build errors, prevent waste

Exyn solutions empower construction managers with real-time 3D models preserving time building a complete BIM, preventing costly overwork via early issue detection, and protecting lives by keeping workers away from dangerous areas.

Autonomous Progress Tracking
Inspection Inside
and Out
Equipped with a high-fidelity LiDAR sensor, our autonomous robots capture a complete progress report for construction managers to upload into their BIM.
Compare & Contrast
Change Detection Our drones autonomously compare as-built conditions with the planned state for early detection of deviations in the construction process.
Scanning Routes
Replicate Efficient Routines By programming ExynAero with routine scanning routines, construction managers can create digital twins of worksites, identifying costly rework sooner.
Custom payloads
Supports Various Sensors Our system is built to incorporate a variety of sensor data to support various construction needs including gauge, gas, and leak readings.

Designed for those who value reliable innovation.

Our customers range from federal contractors to corporate construction managers. And they have one thing in common: appreciation for safe, efficient, sophisticated — and frankly cool — data-capture technology.

The main purpose of our collaboration with Exyn is to improve our productivity on the construction site. The technology was great ... it was really easy to set the flight routes. We prepared some really difficult, narrow routes but [Exyn’s] Technology achieved them all.

Takuma NakabayashiArtificial Intelligence Researcher in the AEC Industry, Obayashi Corporation