Introducing Nexys

A completely modular 3D mapping solution designed to reduce time to capture, increase safety, and drive efficiency for challenging, complex, or dangerous environments.

why nexys?

The most advanced autonomous navigation - when you need it

Proprietary autonomy algorithms, coupled with SLAM-based LiDAR scanning technology deliver survey-grade results without a pilot - even in GPS-denied, hazardous, and unilluminated environments. Start with mapping only, then upgrade to full autonomy when you need it. 

The right scanning tool for all your needs

Rugged and Configurable

Nexys can be quickly and easily switched between a variety of configurations - handheld, backpack, aerial robot, terrestrial robot, vehicle, pole, custom configurations. Built to IP67 standards, users have the flexibility and cost efficiency to use one device in any mapping environment.


Fast Capture, Survey Grade Accuracy

Nexys’  SLAM-based spatial mapping delivers consistent and repeatable survey grade accuracy of up to 5mm @ 1 sigma at up to 1.9 million scan points per second while continuously updating the map as new data is received. 

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Before you leave the field

See Your Scans in Detail

Capture and post processing is done in the field, allowing for real-time visualization of your captured data with full detail and colorization to ensure the scan area is correct and complete before you leave the site. 

Point Cloud Gallery

Sample Datasets

Interact with feature-rich sample datasets captured with Nexys and processed through ExynAI, our proprietary SLAM algorithm, for maximum accuracy. View and download in las file format.  

View & Download

Small, Light & Powerful Ruggedized Tablet

The Nexys comes paired with a ruggedized Dell Latitude tablet for easy mission planning for autonomous aerial exploration missions, or for monitoring the real-time status of a mobile mapping 3D capture - making mobile surveying simple, efficient, and accurate.