3D Mapping for
Geospatial Surveying

Nexys is an adaptable, cost effective, and accurate data collection solution for diverse geospatial applications. Featuring fast capture of survey grade data, post processing in the field for real-time visualization, and a variety of available configurations, Nexys is the right scanning tool for all your use cases.

Rugged and Configurable Nexys can be quickly and easily switched between a variety of configurations - handheld, backpack, aerial robot, terrestrial robot, vehicle, pole, custom configurations. With an IP67 rating, users have the flexibility and cost efficiency to use one device in any mapping environment.
Fast Capture, Survey Grade Accuracy Nexys’ SLAM-based spatial mapping delivers consistent and repeatable survey grade accuracy of up to 1cm @ 1 sigma at up to 1.9 million scan points per second while continuously updating the map as new data is received.
See your scans in detail - before you leave the field Capture and post processing is done in the field, allowing for real-time visualization of your captured data with full detail and colorization to ensure the scan area is correct and complete before you leave the site.
Scalable, Cost Effective & Future-Proof The Nexys ecosystem is flexible and modular to allow for easy scaling. Users can start with a mapping-only setup, then add accessories and autonomy as your needs grow or change, making it a cost-effective solution over time. This scalability ensures that the system remains relevant and adaptable to emerging geospatial needs while reducing the need for investing in multiple, specialized scanners for different applications.

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