Autonomous LiDAR
Mapping & Navigation

Makes mapping faster, safer, and more efficient than ever before.


volumetric exploration

Autonomous flight
goes further, faster

Our proprietary autonomy algorithms, coupled with our SLAM-based LiDAR scanning technology deliver survey-grade results without a pilot.

Leveraging Autonomy Level 4 (AL-4), the operator simply sets the area to scan and the system determines its own route to ensure complete environmental coverage, detects the 3D environment, and identifies and reasons about obstacles and high-level objectives - even in GPS-denied, hazardous, and unilluminated environments. 

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Autonomy Features

Works in Comms-Denied, BVLOS Environments All required intelligence is onboard for reliable flight in communications-denied environments. Data is collected onboard and streamed back to the user once back in range of communications. Beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) flights are even capable in GPS-rich or GPS-denied environments above or below ground.
Easy to Program Mission Modes Volumetric exploration, fly-to, and surface inspection mission modes. These easy to program mission modes enable operators to completely map complex, dynamic environments. When in doubt, AL-4 exploration can autonomous capture an entire area of interest.
Battery Aware Return to Home (RTH) Built in health monitoring always ensures that the robot can get back to home with the available battery, reducing the cognitive burden on the operator.
Automatic Dust Backtracking Proprietary autonomy algorithms can detect the presence of debilitating dust, safely maneuver the system out of the area, and return to hope ensuring operator, environmental, and robot safety.
Exyn - Levels of Aerial Autonomy Graphic - 1.0
Autonomy Level 4

Powerful Autonomy
When You Need It

With the Nexys ecosystem, you can choose to use our AL4 autonomy on a drone or terrestrial robot, or you can select a mapping-only solution depending on your requirements. 

We make it easy to start with a mapping-only solution, then, if your needs expand to require autonomy, you can license the software quickly and easily with no downtime. 

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