Modular Robotic Autonomy
for surveying and inspection

Rugged autonomy that empowers robots to intelligently navigate complex environments while gathering precise, feature-rich 3D models.

Multi-Platform Robotic Autonomy

Autonomy Level 4

With the Nexys ecosystem, users can choose to equip their autonomy payload onto a aerial- or ground-based robotic platform.

Leveraging Autonomy Level 4 (AL-4), the operator simply sets the area to scan and the system determines its own route to ensure complete environmental coverage, detects the 3D environment, and identifies and reasons about obstacles and high-level objectives - even in GPS-denied, hazardous, and unilluminated environments.

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Why autonomous robots?

Our industry-leading autonomous intelligence powers robots to carry out safer missions and capture otherwise impossible to reach data without the use of prior maps, GPS, or existing infrastructure. 

Our autonomy also supports beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) and out of range of communication flights, allowing the data to be collected onboard and streamed back to the user once back in range of communications. 

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Consistent, Effortless Data Collection

Nexys autonomy empowers robots to navigate complex, dynamic environments without risking operator safety.

Autonomous Robots Capture Critical Data

Autonomous mapping with ground-based robots maximizes human safety by optimizing efficient data collection. Our robots easily navigate complex environments, using onboard sensors and AI to accomplish the mission.

Autonomous Mapping for
Mission-Critical Industries

Engineered for flexibility, Nexys uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to adapt to virtually any industrial application.

Underground Cavity Monitoring Keep survey teams out of harm's way while capturing a complete map of an unknown underground cavity in a matter of minutes. Learn More
Building Information Modeling Track progress, avoid costly rework and protect your workers with survey-grade 3D maps of construction models in real-time. Learn More
3D Mapping for Geospatial Surveying Nexys is an adaptable, cost effective, and accurate data collection solution for diverse geospatial applications. Featuring fast capture of survey data, post processing in the field for real-time visualization, and a variety of available configurations, Nexys is the right scanning tool for all your use cases. Learn More
Oil & Gas
Autonomous Infrastructure Inspection The Exyn Nexys offers a versatile, economical, and precise approach to data gathering across a range of needs in the oil and gas industries. Contact Us
no pilot. no gps. no problem.

Aerial Autonomy

Learn more about our industry-leading autonomy and mapping ecosystem, built from the ground up for fast and accurate digital twin capture and post processing. 

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autonomy for anywhere

Terrestrial Autonomy

Exyn Nexys, powered by the industry's most advanced level of autonomy, enables our Level 4 Exploration Autonomy on Boston Dynamics' Spot agile mobile robot, allowing users to take advantage of our completely modular mapping solution on a robust, resilient terrestrial platform.

ExynAI'a autonomy can automate scanning, inspection or as-builting, perform routine inspections, warehouse operations monitoring, convergence monitoring, post-blast safety evaluations, or to remove people from difficult or dangerous mapping situations.