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Nexys Ecosystem of Accessories

Coming Q2 2024
GPS Module Dongle that can be mounted to Nexys to add GPS data to post processing algorithm to eliminate drift in long scans.
Drone / Robot Link The Nexys Drone / Robot Link is the hardware interface between the robot and Nexys for manually piloted operation or autonomous missions with the optional autonomy license.
coming q2 2024
Protective Cage Enclosure The Nexys cage provides 360 degree protection for the Nexys in challenging environments with no adverse effect on scan quality or accuracy.
BackPack The Nexys Backpack is a ruggedized, water resistant backpack that holds and powers Nexys while scanning, and also serves as a storage and travel case. Inside includes secure storage for the Nexys, battery mounting for V-mount batteries, and areas for the tablet and charging infrastructure.

The Nexys Advantage

Modular robotic autonomy in a sleek, portable package. Get in touch to learn about how Nexys can transform your surveying and inspection workflows. 

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