September 5, 2023

Exyn Secures Additional Funding to Close Series B and Strengthen Strategic Partnerships with C.R. Kennedy & Company and Aero X Ventures

Philadelphia, PA – September 5, 2023 – Exyn Technologies, a pioneer in multi-platform robotic autonomy for complex, GPS-denied environments, is thrilled to announce the successful second close of its recent funding round. This milestone further strengthens Exyn's strategic partnerships with two prominent investors, C.R. Kennedy & Company and Aero X Ventures, solidifying its position as a leader in the autonomous robotics industry.

Exyn Technologies is revolutionizing industries such as mining, logistics, and construction by providing a single, integrated solution to capture critical and time-sensitive data in complex and GPS-denied environments. This breakthrough technology enables safer, more affordable, and highly efficient data collection, transforming how businesses operate. With a team of experts in autonomous systems, robotics, and industrial engineering, Exyn is at the forefront of innovation in the field.

Collaborating with C.R. Kennedy & Company and Aero X Ventures is instrumental in advancing Exyn's position in key markets. C.R. Kennedy's extensive distribution network and deep understanding of the Australian market enable Exyn to penetrate and cater to the specific needs of this strategic region. With Aero X Ventures' expertise in aerospace and defense technologies, Exyn gains access to invaluable knowledge and resources that will accelerate its growth trajectory in these sectors.

C.R. Kennedy & Company, established in 1934, is Australia's largest distributor of geospatial instruments, employing over 280 highly skilled professionals. Their decision to collaborate with Exyn underscores the exceptional value that Exyn's autonomous systems bring to the Australian market. Robert Kennedy, managing director at C.R. Kennedy & Company, commented, "After working with some competitor products, our sales specialists made the correct decision to sell the Exyn system. The factors in our decision were reliability, after-sales support, and future developments. No other system in our experience comes close to the reliability of the ExynAero, which satisfies the demanding requirements of Australian underground surveyors. Exyn's exceptional after-sales support has left our customers highly impressed, addressing their concerns promptly and effectively. Moreover, we see Exyn's dedication to research and development reflected in regular software updates with improved functionality. With their groundbreaking Level 4 Autonomy, Exyn has surpassed their competition, and we eagerly anticipate their future product developments."

Aero X Ventures, a deep-tech, early-stage venture firm specializing in transformative aerospace and defense technologies, brings significant strategic value to Exyn. Kyle Mounts, Partner and CIO at Aero X Ventures, highlighted the exciting alignment between the two companies, stating, "Our partnership with Exyn recognizes the incredible strategic alignment and potential to capitalize on our firm's resources to accelerate their growth. Exyn's world-class team has demonstrated a unique capability to apply highly capable autonomous systems to solve complex real-world problems. As Exyn scales its products across industries, we look forward to leveraging our social capital and deep expertise in aviation and defense, bringing significant value to Exyn's continued success."

Exyn plans to leverage the secured funds to advance product innovation, launch new products, expand into new markets and applications, and enhance the overall client experience. The collective efforts of Exyn, C.R. Kennedy, and Aero X Ventures will be instrumental in realizing these objectives, driving forward the autonomous robotics industry, and delivering cutting-edge solutions to customers worldwide.

Ben Williams, COO of Exyn, expressed his enthusiasm for the strategic partnerships, stating, "We are thrilled to have Aero X Ventures and C.R. Kennedy as investors in Exyn. Their expertise and resources will be invaluable as we continue to drive innovation, expand into new markets, and solidify our position as a market leader. Together, we will unlock new opportunities and revolutionize the autonomous robotics landscape."

Exyn's commitment to forging strategic partnerships with industry leaders like C.R. Kennedy and AeroX Ventures underscores its dedication to expanding its position in the market, driving innovation, and delivering unparalleled value to customers across various sectors.

About Exyn
Exyn is a pioneer in multi-platform robotic autonomy for complex, GPS-denied environments. The company's cutting-edge technology enables industries such as mining, logistics, and construction to capture critical and time-sensitive data in a safer, more affordable, and more efficient way. With a team of experts in autonomous systems, robotics, and industrial engineering, Exyn is revolutionizing the way businesses operate and make data-driven decisions. Exyn is VC-backed and privately held, with headquarters in Philadelphia. For more information, please visit

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