The world’s first industrial-grade autonomy software system


exynAI™ enables aerial robots to fly without a pilot, identifying and avoiding obstacles intelligently.

Self Contained

exynAI™ completes missions with all required hardware and intelligence onboard the robot.


ExynAI™ doesn’t need to maintain communications with a base station to operate successfully.


exynAI™ does not rely on existing infrastructure such as GPS to reliably complete a mission.

Real autonomy answers the question…

Where am I?

… without GPS

exynAI™’s simultaneous localization and mapping capabilities include a state estimation pipeline that fuses high-rate inertial measurements with other sources of odometry.

Pairing this capability with robust, real-time optimization techniques enables the system to generate highly accurate maps with best-in-class performance.

Real autonomy answers the question…

Where am I going?

… without a pilot

exynAI™’s planning framework allows the user to command the system via an objective-driven interface that accepts high-level mission-specifications.

A hierarchical planning framework breaks down missions into tasks, tasks into behaviors, and so on. At the lowest level, the system produces optimal trajectories that guide the vehicle to a desired state.

Real autonomy answers the question…

How do I get there?

… without communications

exynAI™’s system leverages multi-resolution, motion planning in tandem with dense 3D mapping to determine safe flight corridors in which the vehicle can travel.

The result is a system that produces optimal trajectories that satisfy vehicle dynamics while ensuring smooth flight.

Exyn’s Advanced Autonomous Aerial Robot (A3R)

powered by exynAI
Multi-Spectral Sensor Fusion

Combining multiple sensor types improves accuracy and flexibility

Modular Software

exynAI™ integrates seamlessly with any robotic platforms

Onboard Intelligence

All processing is onboard for independent mission execution


Integrates with multiple robots for collaborative missions

Drone Mockup
Mission Planning & Execution

Set high-level requirements for exploration and press “go”

Object Avoidance

Dynamically identifies and avoids stationary and moving obstacles

High-Res 3D Mapping

Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) in real-time

Ruggedized Interface

Easy-to-use software displays high-res 3D maps & other data

Technical Specifications

  • LiDAR based SLAM
  • Demonstrated < 10cm georeferenced accuracy in post process
  • 3D map georeferenced to mine coordinate system
  • Output data available in .csv, .ply, or .dxf format
User Interface
  • Ruggedized tablet with proprietary exynView software to set and launch mission
  • Easy mission setup and one button launch
  • Live mission view on tablet when comms available
Key Sensors
  • Velodyne Li DAR Puck LITE™, class 1 laser
  • 16 channel, 100 meter range
  • 300,000 points per second, dual return
  • Gimballed system with 360 degree field of view
Data Management
  • ~500GB storage for flight data (1 min= 3GB)
  • Easy data transfer off tablet via USB or network
  • ~15 minutes of flight time per battery cycle
  • Easily portable via customized Pelican case

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