ExynAero DJ34:
Integrated Autonomy for
high-risk environments

Meet the fully-integrated pilotless drone that navigates complex environments while gathering precise 3D data.

Why autonomous drones?

Our industry-leading autonomous intelligence powers robots to carry out safer flights and capture otherwise impossible to reach data without the use of prior maps, GPS, or existing infrastructure. 

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Efficient, Effortless Data Collection

Our drones capture beyond-line-of-sight data without risking operator safety.

Autonomous Flight for
Mission-Critical Industries

Engineered for flexibility, the ExynAero EA6 uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to adapt to virtually any industrial application.

Aerial Cavity Monitoring Keep survey teams out of harm's way while capturing a complete map of an unknown underground cavity in a matter of minutes. Learn More
Building Information Modeling Track progress, avoid costly rework and protect your workers with survey-grade 3D maps of construction models in real-time. Learn More
3D Mapping for Geospatial Surveying Nexys is an adaptable, cost effective, and accurate data collection solution for diverse geospatial applications. Featuring fast capture of survey grade data, post processing in the field for real-time visualization, and a variety of available configurations, Nexys is the right scanning tool for all your use cases. Learn More
Oil & Gas
3D Surveying and Mapping for Oil & Gas Infrastructure The Exyn Nexys offers a versatile, economical, and precise approach to data gathering across a range of needs in the oil and gas industries. Learn More
Autonomy Level 4

Industrial Autonomy

Experience how true aerial autonomy can transform your mapping and surveying workflows by keeping teams safe while maximizing data collection in dangerous, hard-to-reach areas.