Our Technology Revolutionizes Data Collection

exynAI™ software powering Advanced Autonomous Aerial Robots


Fully Autonomous Missions

exynAI™ software is built from the ground-up to support flexible, fully autonomous mission planning and execution for one or more robots working individually or collaboratively as a team. By allowing the end-user to intuitively specify a sequence of high-level flight tasks, the system’s interface provides unprecedented access to advanced autonomy features such as GPS-denied 3D mapping, tracking, and safe navigation in unknown environments.


Pilot-Assisted Flight

exynAI™ software provides a “sliding scale” of autonomy making it useful for a broad spectrum of end-user applications. Ranging from fully autonomous, self-piloted flight with collision avoidance to pilot-assisted flight with exynAI™ sense-and-avoid technology, Exyn brings the power of safe and reliable flight to the fingertips to even the most inexperienced end-users.



Multi-Sensor Data Fusion

exynAI™ software intelligently fuses complementary sensing modalities (such as LIDAR, RADAR and cameras) in real-time to perceive and understand its environment. By exploiting multiple sensing modalities, the system is robust to sensor failures and environmental conditions such as dust and degraded lighting conditions. Exyn robots can even fully operate in complete darkness, such as in a deep mine.


Real-time Situational Awareness

Exyn robots feature sense-and-avoid technology that enables them to adapt to a changing environment and navigate around both static and dynamic obstacles. Using state-of-the-art machine learning, our robots recognize objects (such as people) in the environment and maintain a safe stand-off distance at all times.


All Intelligence Onboard

Exyn robots do all of their processing onboard. Therefore, they can execute missions independently without having to maintain communications at all times. After mission completion, the robots can upload relevant data directly to the cloud.


Modular Software

exynAI™ software is designed to be extensible to a wide range of sensors, allowing it to be deployed for a diverse range of commercial applications and use cases. As different use cases need different sensors, we can tailor our system to fit any requirements for the job at hand.


Multi-robot Intelligence

exynAI™ software is scalable and fully supports multi-robot missions. A team of robots can be deployed to execute a mission in parallel to reduce mission time, increase efficiency, decrease workspace downtime, and reduce dependency on batteries.



Exyn’s technology does not require any prior infrastructure, such as GPS, beacons, landmarks , motion capture systems, or prior maps. Instead, the robot is able to learn the world online as it navigates through the environment.

Fully Autonomous Navigation In Underground Mine

Demonstrating fully autonomous flight in obstacle-rich environment and beyond the reaches of GPS.

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