Exyn Technologies is a spin-off of the GRASP Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania and is commercializing cutting edge research and development in the area of autonomous flight and aerial robotics.

Our team is comprised of some of the best people in the world in the core areas of autonomy which includes optimal control, perception, motion planning, state estimation, multi-sensor data fusion, and simultaneous localization and mapping.  More than half of the team have earned doctoral degrees and/or completed post-doctoral research in some subset of these areas at some of the leading institutions which include UPenn, Georgia Tech and Johns Hopkins.

The team also has a strong breadth of industrial engineering and research experience with team members joining from Boeing, SRI, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation and United Technologies Research Center.

Altogether our technical team boasts an aggregate of 76 years of post undergraduate experience, and includes multiple DARPA Urban Challenge veterans.


Our Team

" Nader Elm

Nader Elm


Nader has spent his professional career in fast-growth technology domains, progressively moving from engineering roles to leadership of startups and strategic growth initiatives in large enterprises. Nader joined as CEO at the company’s formation in 2014.

" Jason Derenick, Ph.D.

Jason Derenick, Ph.D.


Dr. Jason Derenick is Exyn’s Chief Technology Officer and the company’s first technical employee. His expertise lies in the areas of multi-agent control, multi-sensor data fusion, real-time perception and topological algorithms for control and estimation.

" William Sisson II

William Sisson II

Director of Software \\ Research & Development

William Sisson is a skilled software engineer leading the development of key software architectures at Exyn Technologies. His responsibilities cover networking and communications, as well as path planning and mapping.

" Peter Furlong

Peter Furlong

Mechatronics Engineer

Pete Furlong leads the development of the hardware platform at Exyn Technologies, where he is responsible for providing a testbed for Exyn’s algorithmic development. His skills lie in rapid prototyping and mechatronic design.

" Denise Wong, Ph.D.

Denise Wong, Ph.D.

Principal Robotics Engineer

Denise leads the mapping efforts on the Research and Development team at Exyn. She’s excited by how the data collected by Exyn robots is interpreted and used by customers to bring new insights and deliver value.

" Justin Thomas, Ph.D.

Justin Thomas, Ph.D.

Principal Robotics Engineer

Justin completed his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and an M.S.E. in Robotics at UPenn’s GRASP Laboratory under Professor Vijay Kumar. His research was focused on grasping, perching, and visual servoing for micro aerial vehicles.

" Raghu Balasa, M.B.A.

Raghu Balasa, M.B.A.

Director of Strategy and Business Development

Raghu leads the development of Exyn’s strategic direction and business development. Raghu is an avid entrepreneur and strategist. He has successfully advised various companies on strategy and execution.

" Brandon Duick

Brandon Duick

Director of Software | Research & Development

Brandon Duick is a robotics software engineer at Exyn Technologies, supporting the development of the software framework and infrastructure. He is also responsible for integration and robustness testing of the software and core algorithms.

" Amilcar Cipriano

Amilcar Cipriano

Mechatronics Engineer

Amilcar is a mechatronics engineer at Exyn. He is part of the team responsible for the consolidation of the Hardware platform. He loves breaking robots and, more importantly, putting them together. He has experience in mechatronic design and design for manufacturing.

" Gary Greene

Gary Greene

VP of Products

Gary is VP of Products at Exyn, responsible for Product Management including product definition, testing and certification, and manufacturing.  His experience includes Consumer Electronics, Biometrics, and Vision-based automotive systems.

" Alex Burka, Ph.D.

Alex Burka, Ph.D.

Principal Robotics Engineer

Alex earned his Ph.D. at UPenn’s GRASP Lab, working with Katherine J. Kuchenbecker on hardware and software for haptic perception. At Exyn he develops embedded systems and software to support robot autonomy.

" James Sui

James Sui

Robotics Product Engineer

James is a robotics product engineer at Exyn. He is part of the team leading the productization effort of Exyn’s integrated hardware and software platform. He has experience in new product development and product testing.

" Nick Lynch

Nick Lynch

Senior Hardware Engineer

Nick is a senior member of the hardware team with over 10 years experience in the robotics industry and a background in mechanical and electrical engineering.

" Monica DeGuzman

Monica DeGuzman

Office Manager

Monica is the office manager at Exyn. She leads the development and implementation of policies and procedures. She also has experience in accounts receivable, logistics, and HR.

" Jack Gentry

Jack Gentry

Field Engineer

Jack has a background in both electrical and mechanical engineering as a graduate of Temple University’s general engineering program. As a field engineer, he works at customer sites leading initial robot calibration procedures and works to train end users of the system.

" Ben Williams

Ben Williams


Ben is an award-winning entrepreneur and technologist, leading the commercialization of Exyn’s core technologies. He also holds degrees from Penn, Wharton, and Navy Nuclear Power school, and is an active mentor for startups and entrepreneurs. Selected for Wharton Magazine’s 40 Under 40 (2017)

" Rafael Figueroa

Rafael Figueroa

Robotics Software Engineer

Rafa is a robotics software engineer. At Exyn, Rafa loves the intersection of programming on C++ and working with dynamic systems. His main responsibility is supporting the development of the flight control architecture.

" Jonah Aamodt

Jonah Aamodt

Field Engineer

Jonah is a Field Engineer at Exyn. He studied aerospace engineering and has a passion for all things that fly. He works closely with the hardware and product teams to facilitate testing and development of future technology.

" Nour Hussein

Nour Hussein

Robotics Software Engineer

Nour is a robotics software engineer at Exyn. She earned her M.S.E. in Robotics at UPenn’s GRASP Laboratory. Her studies focused on networking, data structures and algorithms, and computer vision.

" Molly Brennan

Molly Brennan

Customer Success Manager

Molly has spent her professional career managing both software development and customer success teams in the tech space. She specializes in support, business analysis, project management, and client engagement.

" Raffi Jabrayan

Raffi Jabrayan

Director, Markets and Industries

" Sean Matthews

Sean Matthews

Robotics Software Engineer

Sean brings over a decade of mobile autonomous robotics experience to the R&D team at Exyn. Driven by a profound curiosity of the universe, he seeks the betterment of intelligent machines within it.

" John Snuffer

John Snuffer

Principal Software Engineer

" Benjamin Scheinberg

Benjamin Scheinberg

Field Engineer

Ben has a background in testing and developing new technologies in aerospace and robotics. At Exyn he is a field engineer, deploying Exyn systems.

" Joseph Snodgrass

Joseph Snodgrass

Field Engineer

As a field engineer, Joe works to train and educate the end-user on our technology. He also tests and evaluates new robots for the field. He is a Navy veteran and a graduate of the University of Delaware.

" Ross Kessler

Ross Kessler

Senior Systems Engineer

" Vidisha Srivastav

Vidisha Srivastav

Field Engineer

Vidisha is a Field Engineer, often on the road showing off Exyn tech. When in the office, she focuses on product testing and productization efforts. She studied Bioengineering at Penn but has discovered a passion for robotics and travel at Exyn.

" Rhudii A. Quaye

Rhudii A. Quaye

Robotics Software Engineer

As a member of the R&D team, he explores and implements new algorithms to make Exyn robots more agile. He earned is M.S.E in Robotics from UPenn.

" Sergey Chechkin

Sergey Chechkin

Senior Software Engineer, R&D

Board of Directors

Vijay Kumar, Ph.D.

Vijay Kumar, Ph.D.

Chief Science Advisor, Founder

Vijay Kumar is the Nemirovsky Family Dean of Penn Engineering with appointments in the Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, Computer and Information Science, and Electrical and Systems Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania.

Nader Elm

Nader Elm


Nader has spent his professional career in fast-growth technology domains, progressively moving from engineering roles to leadership of startups and strategic growth initiatives in large enterprises. Nader joined as CEO at the company’s formation in 2014.

John Fijol

John Fijol

Director, Systems Technologies, IP Group Inc.

Michael Poisel

Michael Poisel

Director, PCI Ventures

Advisory Board

Ryan Gariepy

Ryan Gariepy

Chief Technology Officer, Clearpath Robotics

Andrew Rogers

Vice President, General Dynamics Mission Systems


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