Transformational innovation for underground surveys

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Fully Autonomous

Autonomous aerial drones survey underground without a pilot or consistent communication.

LiDAR Mapping

Customizable sensors, including LiDAR, provide critical data to surveyors in real-time.

<10cm Accuracy

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology achieves survey-grade accuracy.

1000x Data of a CMS

On-board processing generates complete, high resolution 3D maps with no shadow areas.


Autonomous aerial mapping drives dramatic results

  • Reduce the number of hours surveyors spend underground
  • Increase personnel safety
  • Go where humans are not allowed & map previously unreachable areas
  • Free surveyor time to focus on higher value tasks
  • Attract a new generation of employees
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“With Exyn robots, we can safely reach areas that were not safe to reach before.”

Iliya Garkov,
VP & Managing Director, Dundee Precious Metals

How Exyn robots survey an underground mine

Receives Mission

The surveyor uses a ruggedized tablet with exynView software to quickly set a high-level mission for the Advanced Autonomous Aerial Robot (A3R) to execute.

Navigates Autonomously

exynAI™ software independently flies the A3R through unknown or dangerous areas of the stope within minutes, intelligently avoiding obstacles.

Generates Map

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology safely collects millions of data-points, producing a comprehensive 3D map of the stope.

Transfers Data

The A3R autonomously returns home once the scan is complete, automatically transferring data collected to industry standard software, such as AutoCAD.

The Advanced Autonomous Aerial Robot (A3R) System

Technical Specifications

  • LiDAR based SLAM
  • Demonstrated < 10cm georeferenced accuracy in post process
  • 3D map georeferenced to mine coordinate system
  • Output data available in .csv, .ply, or .dxf format
User Interface
  • Ruggedized tablet with proprietary exynView software to set and launch mission
  • Easy mission setup and one button launch
  • Live mission view on tablet when comms available
Key Sensors
  • Velodyne Li DAR Puck LITE™, class 1 laser
  • 16 channel, 100 meter range
  • 300,000 points per second, dual return
  • Gimballed system with 360 degree field of view
Data Management
  • ~500GB storage for flight data (1 min= 3GB)
  • Easy data transfer off tablet via USB or network
  • ~15 minutes of flight time per battery cycle
  • Easily portable via customized Pelican case

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