High-Resolution Aerial Reconnaissance

Meet the platform-agnostic AI for autonomous aerial and ground-based robotic exploration. Designed for government and commercial sectors, our all-American robots deliver safer and faster ISR.

Solutions for High-Fidelity Reality Capture

Whether you're preparing for a search & rescue operation or gathering situational awareness of an unknown battle space, Exyn's multi-platform robotic autonomy delivers precise 3D maps in real time.

Rapid, Precise Digital Twins

Capture Critical Evidence
First-On-The-Scene Data Capture First responders can quickly capture precise 3D models of accident scenes with the ExynPak.
Maintain Situational Awareness
Under Canopy Mapping for ISR Capture critical data and maintain situational awareness with autonomous aerial robots that can fly through under a dense, cluttered canopy.
Search & Rescue
Situational Awareness for First Responders With the ExynScout & ExynPak, first responders can generate an precise 3D model of an emergency site including points of ingress and egress, potential survivors, and structural dangers.
Precise geospatial mapping
Digital Twins for VR & AR Capture high-fidelity 3D models of almost any environment for digital twin generation, synthetic VR environments, and mission planning.

Mission Critical Data in Real-Time

It’s time to replace costly, inefficient data capture with accurate, secure aerial intelligence. ExynAI can equip any robotic platform with autonomous AI capabilities, giving public sector leaders access to the full insights and capabilities of robotic 3D mapping.

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