Lidar Solutions for
Industrial Challenges

Our solutions run on ExynAI, the intelligence behind pilotless, GPS-denied aerial data capture. Gather data from the most challenging environments with ease.

Digital Twin

3D Mapping

Capture real-time, low-drift maps of previously unmappable environments — while the drone is still in flight. As operators analyze survey-grade maps, the robot interprets its environment and autonomously performs complex tasks.

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Flexible Autonomy

ExynAI is engineered to easily integrate on a wide variety of aerial and ground-based platforms. Integrate ExynAI on the best drone, vehicle, or robot for the job.

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High Precision

Industrial Inspection

ExynAI uses high-resolution Velodyne Lidar sensors to gather survey 3D maps and conduct inspections of industrial environments. Maximize safety onsite.

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Critical Data Capture

Change Detection

With ExynAI's Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) engine, operators can duplicate the same mission, and precisely georeference the data gathered to compare results and flag issues before they compound. 

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Onboard Intelligence

GPS-Denied Navigation

Exyn's aerial robots are designed from the ground up with all required intelligence onboard for reliable, subterranean flight ability. 

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Integrations Available

Custom Sensor Payloads

Our multi-sensor data fusion autonomy engine, enables drones to navigate and adapt to complex, dangerous environments in real-time — all without GPS or a human pilot. Custom sensor integrations are available to overlay a variety of readings, such as radiation, gas monitor, IR, heat maps, chemical detection, convergence monitoring, and more.

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Solutions for Safer Data Capture

Collect impossible to reach data with breakthrough aerial autonomy. ExynAI-powered robots are designed for real-time, safe, and efficient 3D mapping in high-risk environments.

The Pilotless Aerial Robot ExynAero autonomously navigates complex environments while capturing precise 3D data sets. The mission behind the design: cutting edge, beyond-line-of-sight data collection that prioritizes human safety. Meet ExynAero
Portable, Real-Time 3D Mapping Discover ExynPak, the high-accuracy, survey-grade 3D mapping solution in a portable package. Don't blend into the noise, stand out from the Pak. Explore ExynPak


Autonomous drones are a real game-changer for risk management and data collection...removing surveyors from working near open stopes.

Patti PeguesMine Planning Manager, Vale North Atlantic

Exyn came to our site to show us the autonomous capabilities of their drone technology, and we were very impressed with the timeliness and quality of the data acquired.

John KiernanCOO, Ascot Resources

Safety is Dundee’s number one priority, and with Exyn robots we can safely reach areas that were not safe to reach before

Iliya GarkovVP & Managing Director, Dundee Precious Metals

Join the Frontiers of Aerial Autonomy

Exyn solutions are driving a revolution in autonomous robotics. Are you ready to invest in platform-agnostic, robotic autonomy that uses multispectral data fusion to deliver high-fidelity data sets of any environment?

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