Mining Operations

Conventional data gathering in underground mining can be infrequent, hazardous and often impossible due to complex tunnel systems, harsh atmosphere, and dangerous terrain.

Advanced data collection and mapping is critical in GPS-denied environments in which the cost of downtime and injury can exceed millions per year per mine.

Exyn’s Autonomous Aerial Robots (A3R™s) automate data acquisition to improve operational efficiencies and safety.

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Drone Mining

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exynAI™ in Mining

Enabling Safe Underground Inspection

Mine surveying is a critical task necessary for designing, excavating, and documenting information at all stages of mining. Current surveying techniques are labor intensive, time consuming, and require specialized equipment.

Exyn A3R™ robots provide a single system with navigation and mapping capabilities to enable safe deployment without the need of an operator. This means our robots can be deployed anywhere within a mine and be used to map the environment and collect data. A single platform can perform a variety of tasks in a spectrum of environments as opposed to the need for highly specialized equipment.

Utilizing Exyn A3R™ robots for autonomous data collection and mapping can vastly improve safety, save time and money, and enhance short interval control.

Drone Plan

exynAI™ provides for adjustable levels of autonomy enabling users to choose how involved they need to be when the robot is flying. The robot can be safely controlled by an operator with simple commands or fully autonomously for tasks such as exploring unknown areas.


Exyn’s system provides for the safe generation of 3D maps.


Our system performs all computation on-board and can navigate in dense, cluttered, and dynamic environments, therefore requiring no changes to your environment .


Our system’s fully autonomous behaviors are safe around people and to dynamic changes in the spaces they operate.


Our solution scales to multiple robots operating to perform the mission collectively if needed

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